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Are phishing attacks on the rise?

Phishing attacks have been on the rise for a long time now.

According to the UK government’s most recent cyber security breaches survey, they cause more data breaches than any other type of cyber attack – and they have done for a long time.

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Why security awareness training sometimes fails – and what you can do about it

To demonstrate why security awareness training so often fails, it’s worth conducting a quick thought experiment.

Imagine you’re a smoker and, one day, you find out you’re genetically susceptible to lung cancer. Thanks to your genes, you’re two-three times more likely to contract lung cancer than the average person.

The elevated risk has nothing to do with your record of smoking – but continuing to smoke increases the risks even further.

Given the situation, do you think you’d be more or less likely to quit smoking than other smokers?

Studies shows that, actually, you’d be just as likely to continue smoking as others. Your new knowledge wouldn’t change your behaviour.

Could this also be why security awareness training sometimes fails?

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Measuring The Effectiveness of Security Awareness Training

Online security awareness training is now the most popular form of security awareness training in the world. As we noted here, that’s good news when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of security awareness training.

Offline, things aren’t so easy to track. However, online it’s possible to see who is doing what where and when. It’s little surprise, then, that measuring the effectiveness of online security awareness training has been chiselled onto the agendas of CISOs for some time.

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Ten key topics to cover in cyber security awareness training

The scope of cyber security awareness training continues to increase. While the below list of topics to include in awareness training is far from exhaustive, each should be a foundational pillar of security awareness campaigns. Building campaigns around the below can decrease the risk of cyber attack – especially when campaigns account for the ABC of cyber security.

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E-book: The 3 biggest cyber threats facing the legal industry today

Today, creating and distributing viruses has become a highly lucrative, full-time and highly illegal occupation within the industry now referred to as cybercrime. It’s an industry that cost UK businesses a total of £29 billion in 2016 and one that targeted 73% of the top 100 law firms in 2016. And yet, over the past 50 years, surprisingly little has changed.

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Insights from 22 cyber security experts – part 1

22 expert speakers offered actionable and practical advice on the most pressing issues facing the security industry today. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed on the first three days. You can now get immediate access to all 22 PeepSec talks by simply registering for free here.

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Cyber Security Quiz 2

Do you know why your phone needs updating? Do you know how a ‘VPN’ could help keep your personal data safe? And how much do you think it costs to buy access to a webcam? Take the quiz now and you’ll soon find out whether you’re right.

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Gains, losses and unconscious calculations

Our attitudes to loss make us vulnerable online. Here’s how we can nullify the risks – starting with a question. Which of these two generous offers would you rather take up? The first is £1000 in cash with no strings attached. The second is the chance to win £2000 – but only if a coin toss lands on heads.

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Case Study: Healthcare

In 2015, the healthcare sector experienced more cyber security incidents than any other industry. Over 100 million healthcare records were reportedly compromised in a period commentators have since labeled “the year of the healthcare breach”.

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Case Study: Legal Services

In the last financial year, attacks on UK law firms increased by 20%. This explains why, on joining his current legal practice, Information Security Analyst Vihaan Amin was tasked with decreasing breaches and improving his new employer’s resilience.

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Case Study: Manufacturing

Initially, Greenwood was searching for a cost-effective solution that would introduce his people to the advancing threats posed by cyber criminals. After consideration, he decided CybSafe fit the bill.

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Case Study: Financial Services

The financial sector has long been a target for cyber criminals. Which is precisely why Adam Davies, Chief Information Security Officer of a renowned UK high street bank, is constantly looking for new ways to keep customer data secure.

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